Over the past few months, I have been seriously focusing on the American brand that I look after ( The site has since taken off and the figures now speak for themselves.

As of September 2019 the brand now sits as the 37,885th most popular website in the world and now has a United States ranking of 4,901.

Check for yourself: Click Here

To put this into perspective there are over 1,518,207,412 websites globally according to Netcraft’s January 2019 WebServer Survey. In the USA alone there are over 876.8 million websites.

What’s even more impressive is the daily time spent on the site and the bounce rate. The first image shows American Demolition Medias stats and the second is of Nikes. Bounce rate is over 20% lower and the time spent on the site is only 33 seconds less . Not bad when I had a budget of £50 compared to a global brand such as Nike…

I have slowly been building up the sites web traffic through various SEO techniques such as:

  • Social Media posts and engagements
  • Guest Writers
  • Sharing news stories across multiple platforms
  • Paid social media (small budget)
  • Focusing on keyword searches
  • Improving meta titles
  • Much much more behind the scenes