Executive Destinations

Executive Destinations is a new magazine covering high-end and high-interest places around the world. The magazine will have a mix of in-depth coverage of locations and activities, with important information and shared experience for the business traveller, all beautifully presented in a glossy format.

In each edition of the magazine, we will bring you an in-depth feature on a city or country, covering everything from culture, food, leisure activities, transport and history to business information such as economic profile and key indicators, trade fairs and interviews with local or expat businesspeople. This knowledge will inspire travel choices, inform business trips and provide the background knowledge to get the most out of all journeys.

There will also be longer-term news stories on issues affecting the business traveller, such as airport expansions, new airline services and other transport developments. This extends to coverage of entrepreneurs, both expatriate and those working in their home countries, developing new products and services of use to the world traveller.