Client Adverts

Below is just some of the adverts I have made for Chambers Media; includes client and in house adverts. Some adverts do not appear as crisp quality due to the website’s image compressing software.


Shifnal Plant Advert – This advert required me to combine a large amount of text into a fairly small space – I used the brand’s logo colours as a starting point and through looking at their website, style and their approach online I was able to create their advert which was approved straight away.

Tone Scaffolding
Tone Scaffolding Service – Any advert designer knows that when you receive high-quality images your life becomes 10 times easier. This was the case for Tone Scaffolding. They required little text and wanted a bold advert. So that’s exactly what I made for them.

PJF- “Very nice & very professional”.

  • Asset Funder Advert

Asset Funder – Asset Funder is renowned for bringing first-class asset finance services to all areas of business & industry. Therefore I decided to keep their advert minimal.

Chambers Media Advert

Chambers Media – This was an in house advert designed to showcase our services in a sleek, professional way.

RMC Advert
Reach It – Move It – Crush It – This was a fun advert to produce, I was given free rein with this advert and supplied with quality images.

Steelwrist advert.

Sunward – Designed exactly how the customer wanted it.

Demolition Careers

Demolition Careers – Demolition Careers is an in-house careers site set up by myself for Chambers Media. The advert was for social media aspects and is there for magazine purposes.

Goldstar Advert

Gold Star Metal Traders – A very happy client.

This is the menu I designed for our event we host called the British Demolition Awards.

Tru Plant – Had a conference call to design the clients advert exactly how they wanted it. They were very happy with the final outcome.

Advert for Adler & Allan.


Advert for CES – Very happy with the final outcome.

Inspired Security – Designed exactly how the client wanted it, very pleased with the final outcome.

Half – page advert for airBOSS.

A series of other companies I have created adverts for include – RYE Demolition – Rhino Waste – Odour and Dust Solutions